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Urtopia Fusion: The Future of E-Bikes Unveiled

The Urtopia Fusion e-bike, a harmonious marriage of cutting-edge urban mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, is set to redefine industry standards. This model is a high-tech machine that seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence, allowing users to interact using voice commands akin to the functionality of ChatGPT.

Unprecedented Features of the Urtopia Fusion

The e-bike is equipped with modern tech essentials such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G enabled GPS. It also incorporates a unique fingerprint sensor for activation, adding an extra layer of security to this smart and interactive e-bike solution. Catering to the fitness and tech-savvy crowd, the bike integrates flawlessly with popular applications such as Google Maps, Apple Health, and Strava, providing users with an enriched and connected riding experience.

Performance and Design

Powering the Urtopia Fusion is a Bafang M510 mid-drive motor, complying with European e-bike legislation, it delivers a maximum of 250 watts with a torque rating of 90 newton meters. The e-bike boasts a 353 watt-hour battery unit with a targeted range of 180 kilometers (113 miles) on a single charge, demonstrating its impressive endurance. For optimal safety and performance, the bike is fitted with Magura MT4 eSTOP hydraulic brakes and rides on 28-inch wheels with Schwalbe Big Apple tires, ensuring comfort for urban commuters.

The design of the Urtopia Fusion is minimalist yet futuristic, a true testament to the aesthetic genius of Hartmut Esslinger, famously known for Apple’s Snow White design language.

Launch at CES 2024

The official launch and showcase of the Urtopia Fusion are eagerly awaited at CES 2024, scheduled from January 10 to 13 in Las Vegas. As the world gears up to witness this masterpiece, the Fusion stands as a symbol of the next big step in the evolution of e-bikes.


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