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Trust Stamp and Scurid Form Partnership to Bolster IoT Security with Biometric Tech

In a bid to augment security in Internet of Things (IoT) and edge devices, Trust Stamp and Scurid have joined forces. The partnership will leverage Trust Stamp’s innovative IT2 technology, which tokenizes and irreversibly represents facial biometrics. This novel approach to authentication offers superior security to traditional methods such as keys or phone-based OTPs. It aims to significantly reduce unauthorized access and the misuse of compromised biometric data.

Revolutionizing Secure Identification

Vice President Jonathan Patscheider underscored the advantages of biometric tokenization, which bolsters security and performance without compromising privacy or speed. This cooperative endeavor is set to redefine secure identification across a host of sectors. These include live feed management, retail, smart manufacturing, robotics, smart cities, and smart construction.

Transformative Potential in IoT Applications

The biometric solution, birthed from this partnership, seeks to replace multiple tools and minimize the risks of security breaches. It facilitates the secure implementation of autonomous IoT devices. The emphasis on adaptability and efficiency signals a transformative potential for secure identification technology in a broad spectrum of IoT applications.

Meanwhile, in AI…

In related news, Virtusa Corporation has inked a multi-year global Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The goal is to set up an artificial intelligence (AI) and data lab, dubbed The Generative AI & Data Lab. This lab is designed to fast-track customers’ data migration to the cloud and streamline the modernization of their IT services. This will be achieved through the integration of AI, machine learning (ML), and Generative AI technologies.


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