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AMMAN — The Council of Commissioners of the
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) recently approved the modified
“Internet of Things (IoT) Regulations” in its latest session. These
regulations entail specific instructions and requirements for establishing,
operating, and managing the Internet of Things (IoT) system, originally issued
in 2020 and amended in 2021. The revised instructions have been published on
the commission’s website and communicated to relevant parties.اضافة اعلان

Bassam Al-Sarhan, the Chairman of the
Commission, emphasized the significance of reviewing and amending the IoT
regulations at present, especially after the recent launch of 5G services by
operating companies. He highlighted the growing interest among companies and
institutions in Jordan to invest in Internet-connected devices and
technologies, facilitating communication between various devices and
contributing to the activation of digital transformation, Al-Mamlaka TV

Sarhan pointed out that the introduction of
devices incorporating data connectivity and exchange via the Internet into the
Kingdom will allow technological advancements in various aspects. It will also
enable the automation of buildings to enhance citizens’ living conditions by
changing and optimizing their energy usage, such as using sensors to remotely
control air conditioning and lighting systems and adjusting the settings of
various devices.

He affirmed that the amendment of the IoT
regulations followed a general consultation with the sector and stakeholders,
aligning with the continuous growth of these services in Jordan. The updated
regulations aim to facilitate licensed entities, entrepreneurs, and startups in
introducing and expanding these technologies into the markets. This move also
supports the Jordanian government’s implementation of digital transformation plans across various sectors of the Kingdom, aligning with the economic revitalization
vision that encourages infrastructure investment.

Additionally, Sarhan highlighted that these
new regulations will apply to all entities within the Kingdom, including
licensed Internet of Things service providers and beneficiaries of these
services, including individuals, companies, and the government.

The Chairman emphasized that the amended
regulations allow all licensed public communication service providers to offer
IoT services after obtaining approval from the Commission. The approval
duration aligns with the validity period of the granted license. The
regulations also permit the establishment and/or operation and/or management of
IoT systems for private use by entities operating and providing vital public
utility services, subject to the Commission’s approval for a period of two
years. This aims to facilitate and encourage investment in these sectors,
deploy services, and keep pace with the adoption of the best available
technical solutions globally.

Furthermore, he added that the regulations
allow the creation and/or operation and/or management of IoT systems for
private use without obtaining the Commission’s approval, provided that no fees
are charged for IoT services and a commitment is made to obtain the necessary
approvals for the devices constituting the system. This approach encourages the
wider dissemination of IoT services.

Under the adopted regulations, the
regulations for tracking and geolocation systems issued by the Commission in
2009 were canceled. The amendments include specific obligations and provisions
for providing tracking and geolocation services, contributing to the widespread
adoption of tracking services in the Kingdom.

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