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In a recent survey conductedRAD, communication service providers (CSPs) are embracing the booming demand for IoToffering tailored solutions to enterprises. The survey, which included more than 200 high-level executives from CSPs in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific, highlights the significant role of IoT in reshaping enterprise networks.

According to the survey findings, a staggering 95 percent of CSPs are currently providing IoT services, with IoT cloud connectivity being the most popular offering. This enables enterprises to seamlessly connect low-power devices to IoT applications hosted in public clouds. Additionally, 57 percent of providers offer IoT integration services, facilitating the smooth integration of IoT devices into existing enterprise infrastructure.

Furthermore, 43 percent of CSPs provide IoT data plans, catering to the increasing need for reliable data transmission and management. Notably, half of the providers have included IoT managed services in their private 5G offerings, recognizing the transformative potential of private networks and cloud connectivity in driving digital transformation across various industries.

Private 5G networks are well-suited for IoT deployments due to their low latency connectivity and uninterrupted service. These networks act as a converged solution, seamlessly aggregating all endpoints within an enterprise campus. A crucial component of these networks is 5G-enabled IoT gateways, which bridge the gap between different interfaces and aggregate IoT devices. The survey reveals that 97 percent of CSPs include IoT gateways in their private 4G/5G ecosystem, underscoring their importance in facilitating IoT implementations.

The survey also explored CSPs’ strategies for multi-cloud and IoT services, network edge development, and security as a service. These insights provide valuable guidance for shaping future IoT and private 5G offerings.

CSPs are increasingly recognizing themselves as integral players in the entire IoT value chain, adopting the roles of IoT integrators and providers of managed services. This allows them to leverage their existing customer base, network installations, and operational expertise. The convergence of IoT and private 5G is not only transforming enterprise networks but also presenting providers with opportunities for innovation and new revenue streams.

For more detailed insights, the survey report, titled “Top 2023-2024 Trends in CSP IoT and Private 5G Campus Services,” is available for download on RAD’s website. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the current trends and future prospects for CSPs in the evolving IoT landscape.


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