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In the wake of the Internet of Things (IoT), Tata Communications is riding high on a wave of growth and the reason is the growing demands of smart cities and the manufacturing sector in India. Praveen Arora, Vice President and Business Head–IoT at Tata Communications, highlighted the substantial year-on-year expansion in the IoT space and stated that India is not trailing behind the global surge.

In a media interview he unveiled the significant role smart cities play in this growth journey of the company. The surge in demand for smart lighting and metering solutions has been particularly noteworthy. Tata Communications’ deployment of smart street lights has resulted in a remarkable $10.4 million in cost savings during FY22-23. He attributed this success to the efficiency and effectiveness of the implemented solutions.

In the manufacturing segment, the company is experiencing a surge in demand for its innovative employee visibility and safety solutions. While details about the specific client were not disclosed, Arora revealed that they have secured a deal with one of the leading oil & gas companies for its SAFEPASS badge ID solution.

Arora shed light on their global IoT footprint, stating that the company manages over 360,000 smart street lights worldwide on its LoRaWAN network. In India, Tata Communications set up a whopping 70,000 smart street lights in a big industrial city. They also placed sensors in 19 zones in North India to keep an eye on air quality.

The company’s smart metering solutions help save energy and run things more efficiently. They have put these in many cities. As of now, they have mainly focused on prepaid smart metering.


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