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Taabi Mobility has added a new solution, the Control Tower, to its suite of IoT, ADAS, and Video Telematics integrated SaaS platforms. The solution has already onboarded around 150 customers and saved over 45,000 litres of fuel while improving vehicle uptime worth over 60,000km.

According to the company, which is a pioneer in AI and IoT-powered logistics management technologies, the innovative solution integrates a plethora of advanced technologies to provide unprecedented control and optimization of fleet and operational performance in the mining, construction, telecom, and logistics industries.

The Control Tower, according to the corporation, is a collection of cutting-edge technology components, such as IoT-integrated onboard sensors, sophisticated diagnostic tools, extensive data analytics, and AI/ML algorithms. This comprehensive suite processes data and generates actionable insights in real-time.

Additionally, the solution features an Advanced Video Telematics System for operations supervision, alongside GPS and geofencing integration for meticulous real-time tracking.

The Control Tower believes that higher uptime can provide incremental revenue of Rs 5-10 crore for fleets, allowing customers to grow their operations. A dedicated 24×7 control room staffed by professionals in uptime, dispute resolution, and issue resolution aids in reducing delays and enhancing availability. The solution also assists fleets in determining the actual expenses incurred in loading/unloading detention and longer turnaround times, allowing them to better comprehend and estimate the charges.

According to the organization, this insight can assist fleets in enhancing their business mix, finding more profitable routes/customers, and awarding them more business, hence positively improving their bottom line. The simple-to-use, single-integrated solution dashboard is intended to function across OEMs and vehicle models.

Pali Tripathi, Chief Executive Officer, Taabi Mobility, said, “Our key customer segments such as fleets, construction companies, or mining companies are businesses that run on razor thin margins. Our focus is to bring an impact on ROI.”


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