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The SPS Fair 2023—the latest industrial automation trends report is a comprehensive summary of the key highlights, comparison of 7 prominent industrial automation OEMs, 14 generative AI showcases, and 17 in-depth insights assembled by the IoT Analytics analyst team at SPS fair 2023. These insights are based on >75 booth visits, >50 individual interviews, and attendance of several presentations. 5 analysts were present for a total of 7 days.

The main purpose of this document is to help our readers stay abreast of the newest trends in industrial automation and stay ahead of the evolving market landscape.

All discussed insights are centered around Industrial IoT / Industry 4.0–related topics.

About SPS 2023

About SPS 2023

The SPS is a coveted industrial exhibition encompassing a broad spectrum of digital and smart automation solutions. In 2023, the event evolved beyond its traditional focus areas such as control, drive, and sensor technology, to also highlight software and IT. In response to the expanding scope of the event in the post-COVID era, the organizers extended the exhibition space from 14 to 16 halls.

Report highlights

  • IT/OT convergence at the center of attention. “IT meets automation” was this year’s main theme, and the topic of IT and OT convergence took center stage at many exhibits.
  • Increasing emphasis on sustainability and energy management. We noted a significantly larger focus on sustainability this year than in 2022, as prominent exhibitors highlighted initiatives such as circularity, energy management, and CO2 reduction.
  • Generative AI solutions popping up. We identified 14 different showcases of generative AI at the event.
  • Hardware gets AI acceleration. AI accelerators are increasingly built into edge IPCs, PLCs, and related hardware so that AI use cases, such as machine vision or process optimization, can be supported.
  • New wireless connectivity innovations. Wireless connectivity in industrial spaces remains a rising theme.

Further insights can be found in the report with relevant examples/proof-points.


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