SparkFun’s New DataLogger IoT Firmware Brings Direct Support for Logging to the Arduino Cloud –

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SparkFun has announced a firmware update for its DataLogger IoT and DataLogger IoT 9DoF boards, adding support for uploading data to the Arduino Cloud — now available to all board users.

“This update includes several sensor additions to the DataLogger’s plug-and-play functionality and also logs data to the Arduino IoT Cloud,” writes Chris McCarty of the firmware update, which applies to both models of the SparkFun DataLogger. “This update is available at no extra charge — if you have purchased one of the Data Logger boards […] the updates are a part of your purchase.”

The DataLogger IoT firmware v1.1.0, released this week, has as its primary new feature the ability to log directly to the Arduino Cloud without having to bounce through an intermediary system first. This doesn’t come at the cost of any existing functionality, either: the new firmware includes all the existing platform support, including AWS IoT, ThingSPeak MQTT, Azure IoT, Machinechat, HTTP endpoints, and both plain and secure MQTT operation modes.

The DataLogger IoT and DataLogger IoT 9DoF — which differs only by having a nine-degrees-of-freedom inertial measurement unit (IMU) on-board — were designed to make logging sensor data as easy as possible, and that extends to plug-and-play support for a range of common sensor types.

In the new firmware, this support is extended to include SparkFun’s Qwiic breakout boards for the ENS160 air quality sensor, XENSIV PAS CO₂ sensor, STHS34PF80 hum presence and motion sensor, OPT4048DTSR color sensor, and AS7265x triad spectroscopy sensor — all of which can be connected to either DataLogger IoT board’s Qwiic connector.

More information on updating a DataLogger IoT board to the new firmware is available on the SparkFun documentation site; the SparkFun DataLogger IoT and Datalogger IoT 9DoF are available on the SparkFun store now, at $54.95 and $74.95 respectively before volume discounts.


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