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07-11-2023 |
Mouser Electronics

Mouser now stocks the 60 Series SOM from Laird Connectivity. The SOM offers a low-power and compact device that can be the host SOM or a wireless communications subsystem and is easily integrated using various electronic and logical interfaces. The SOM delivers full enterprise-class Wi-Fi connectivity, including WPA3-Enterprise 192-bit, FIPS 140-3 Level 1 validated Wi-Fi data-in-transit, and an integrated TCP/IP stack, for a range of applications, including smart cities and smart agriculture, IoT solutions, industrial sensors, asset tracking, wearables, and medical devices.

The SOM has an Arm Cortex-A5 applications processor operating up to 536MHz. The advanced SOM provides superior Wi-Fi connectivity, including full support for 2×2 MIMO 802.11ac WLAN and Bluetooth 5.1 dual-mode. The SOM boasts enterprise-grade security, LCD support, excellent wireless connectivity in harsh RF environments, and a comprehensive Linux board support package. The SOM supports several interfaces, including RMII, RGMII, serial UART, Hi-Speed USB, SPI, SDIO, TTL RGB, PCM, and I2C. It also supports dual-Ethernet and C sAN bus for wired connectivity.

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The series development boards support the 60 Series SOM. Designed to evaluate the SOM product family, the development boards provide four different options featuring varying levels of LPDDR2 RAM and NAND Flash.

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