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In a groundbreaking move, Singtel announced the successful completion of a trial for its reduced capability (RedCap) technology on its 5G network. Collaborating with Ericsson and MediaTech, Singtel claims to be the first in Singapore to transition Internet of Things (IoT) devices from LTE to New Radio (NR). This trial marks a significant milestone in improving connectivity and user experiences, as well as unlocking the potential for 5G capabilities such as network slicing and mobile edge computing.

RedCap, an upgrade to existing 5G networks, is specifically designed for low-power IoT devices. Singtel conducted the month-long trial at five standalone (SA) 5G locations in Singapore, utilizing Ericsson’s RedCap platform and a MediaTek testing device. The successful trial highlights the potential of RedCap in reducing the complexity, size, and capabilities of device platforms, making IoT integration more cost-efficient.

Tay Yeow Lian, Singtel’s Managing Director for Networks in Singapore, emphasized the benefits of RedCap in enabling cost-efficient integration into IoT devices. Reducing complexity and size, RedCap empowers IoT devices with improved connectivity and more reliable user experiences.

Raymond Soh, Head of Network Solutions for Ericsson Singapore and Philippines, highlighted the impact of RedCap on expanding services in SA networks, creating new revenue streams in both consumer and industrial sectors. The innovative capabilities of RedCap pave the way for a broader ecosystem and the development of new use cases.

MediaTek, a key partner in this trial, estimates that RedCap can reduce power consumption for end-users and optimize the footprint of chipsetsup to 60% compared to existing 4G IoT devices. Ericsson further predicts a potential reduction in IoT device production costs50% to 70%.

With the successful trial of RedCap on Singtel’s 5G network, the future of IoT connectivity in Singapore looks promising. The partnership between Singtel, Ericsson, and MediaTech sets the stage for game-changing advancements in the realm of IoT, offering substantial benefits for consumers and industries alike.


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