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The defence industry in the United States reached $ 778 billion in 2020, furnishing significant openings and a steady source of growth for suppliers. Defence spending by the U.S. government is significantly advanced than all other advanced nations and makes up nearly 40 percent of all government military budgets worldwide. As suppliers and contractors continue to develop and place their products within this industry, ultramodern inventory operation control systems have come a critical need. This article talks about secure RFID and IoT traceability solutions for defence industry.


The most critical element of  inventory operation systems used in the defence industry is a centralized software platform. A number of different kinds of software may be appropriate for application with defence products, which includesthe following:

  1. Inventory Management Systems (IMS)
  2. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) programs

When choosing an inventory operation software platform, it is always best to compare the unique requirements of your operation to the specific features of each system. Numerous capabilities can lap between software orders, and utmost businesses will bear the integration of multiple programs to produce the proper workflow terrain. IoT traceability solutions for defence includes some crucial inventory operation software features that may be especially important for defence manufacturers are:

  1. Real- time inventory data 
  2. Mobile barcode label and RFID label surveying 
  3. Integrated service DD forms 
  4. Military- grade security 
  5. Chain of custody attestation and audit trails 
  6. Installation and maintenance operation 
  7. Third-party integrations 
  8. Inventory control automation

Automation of Defence Inventory Management 

The automation and streamlining of inventory operation processes are critical for defence industry suppliers. A proper inventory operation frame will include automated announcements, centralized asset supplies, and several tools for  participating information among workers and throughout the supply chain while maintaining the security of sensitive data and intellectual property.

These digital  resources should work in alignment with being procedures in place on the plant  bottom and in conterminous departments. The complex supply chains set up in the defence industry bear careful collaboration of tasks among internal teams and other  partner associations. Numerous manufacturers also reference their parts and materials from suppliers throughout the world. When grazing  product parts, spare parts, and other inventory, it is important to consider the inventory methodology that is used.

Why Use Asset Tracking Software? 

This software can help the service and defence sector in tracking anything and everything similar as vehicles, weapons, equipment, ammo, medical inventories, etc. Asset tracking software prevents asset and outfit theft.

As we know there are lots of assets precious and valuable and asset tracking software keeps track of each piece of equipment and avoids military asset theft. It provides real- time information about outfit and eliminates guesswork. It can keep your base secured and functional. 

Secure RFID and IoT Traceability Solutions for Defence Industry

  1. Asset Tracking Technology- Barcode 

Barcode is one of the oldest technologies implemented in tracking solutions. Its simplicity and cost-effectiveness make it successful among other technologies. Barcode is substantially used in inventory as there is a lot of supply and a barcode scanner can be used for  surveying force. 

  1. Asset Tracking Technology- RFID (Radio- Frequency Identification) 

RFID is one of the most used technology in the service and defence industry. The serious resource following invention is reforming the service’s authoritative capacity, expanding good and security just as decreasing charges. 

By exercising RFID, they can pick up proficiency in their association, RFID technology delicacy without compromising data. RFID also fits perfectly in the  service and defence departments. It’s effective and provides visibility of the asset. These are a many of the qualities, one can see when RFID is applied, this is one of the  musts for tracking equipment in the defence industry. 

  1. Asset Tracking Technology- IoT (Internet of Things) 

Using IoT traceability solutions for defence, Internet of Things (IoT) is a new technology and a new trend. It’s the expansion of Internet connecting devices beyond the smartphone, laptop, computer, and other data changing fabrics to ordinary regular operation particulars, for illustration, vehicles, watches, and multitudinous different particulars. 

The IoT pattern has to expand defence exercise- defence insight and order and control  fabrics use the bunch of detectors that can be transferred in all the spaces, permitting them to gain full mindfulness and control over the situation especially in clash zones or fight regions. The pattern is towards an expansion in metropolitan situations where a huge number of detectors could give military administrators expanded situational  awareness and battle knowledge to complete more successful operations on the ground. 

  1. Asset Tracking Technology- GPS (Global Positioning System) 

GPS presently is the center route frame for U.S. military aeroplanes, vessels, cars, and other vehicles, and people. It has changed the idea of weapons fastening on, order and control, the direction of an automated system, and supply conveyance in the war zone.

Military operation depends upon real-time and GPS is best known for furnishing real- time position. GPS retrieves data from GPS satellites. Since this technology work in real- time so it provides delicacy as well. This technology isn’t only empowered with tracking assets & navigation but also provides accurate digital planning. 

What Are the Benefits of Asset Tracking Technology for the Defence Industry? 

The benefits of asset tracking technology for the service and defence industry are as follow: 

Avoid Theft 

Track vessel doors & ways to distinguish burglary and guarantee asset security. 

Use a cutting- edge asset checking frame chosen by the Defence Logistics Agency to help avert the robbery of crucial energy employed by the U.S.

Convey close constant area, energy position, and security status of the huge energy tanker, and report redirection or altering pilferage of energy so quick move can be made.

Supply Chain Visibility 

This software makes sure that the delivery of inventories takes place on time so that security can be added more in the conflicted area. This comes in handy while moving precious assets from one position to another.

Since this software does effective tracking. It tracks weight, holders, etc. and secures them, and provides deep visibility. One can inform exactly when inventories will be delivered! 

Ameliorate Equipment Performance 

Military outfit tracking also allows us to track the performance of outfit. It results in increased asset performance and dropped maintenance charges. Service is given to  outfit on time also results in prolong asset life and its unforeseen breakdown chances are also minimized. 

Concluding Thoughts

Asset operation software gives you an upper hand by adding asset life (from the procurement stage to the disposal stage). Asset operation software plays an important  part in military equipment tracking. It keeps assets defended from theft and secured including military labor force. Damage can be averted for the defence industry.  The absence of effective asset tracking can cause delays and issues for collaboration, conditioning, and all parts of the exertion.

These asset tracking technologies are helpful in real- time monitoring and effective tracking. Also, the software provides data that are helpful in the decision-making process. Likewise, they  give cautions as per the  demand. Undoubtedly, secure RFID and Iot traceability solutions for defence industry adds value to the sector.


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