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SEALSQ Corp. announced that in a significant leap forward for the IoT industry, it will unveil its revolutionary cryptocurrency protocol, SEALCOIN, during the prestigious Davos roundtable on Space IoT and Cybersecurity. This pioneering event aims to address the critical aspects of cybersecurity in the era of Space IoT.

SEALCOIN is designed as a groundbreaking solution for the emerging Machine-to-Machine (M2M) economy, facilitating seamless data and currency exchanges among billions of internet-connected devices. This innovative protocol enables IoT structures from various companies to autonomously interact and access a wide range of services, transcending conventional currency exchange to encompass a complex network of IoT-enabled transactions and services. While individual traders can engage with SEALCOIN similarly to other cryptocurrencies, its principal value lies in transforming the economic operations and communications within IoT devices.

The introduction of SEALCOIN marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of M2M payments, reshaping the digital transaction landscape within the IoT sphere. The event will delve into the burgeoning Space IoT, combining the expansive potential of space exploration with IoT practicality. With satellites and space technologies increasingly integrating into daily IoT networks, addressing cybersecurity challenges has become more urgent and complex.

Esteemed experts from aerospace, cybersecurity, and satellite communications sectors will discuss strategies to protect these vital assets from cyber threats, ensuring data integrity, post-quantum safety, and secure communications essential to modern lifestyle.


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