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Wallbox is a Spanish producer of electric vehicle charging and energy management solutions that serves more than 100 countries. Its goal is to give customers the power to create and manage their energy consumption, save on electricity bills, and live more sustainably.

Wallbox began as a cloud-native company using AWS in 2015. However, it wanted to improve its architecture so that it could better scale to support its more than 500,000 charging devices worldwide. The company needed a solution that was compatible with the industry-standard MQTT communication protocol for charging devices. “The main driver for migration was scalability,” says Darío Fernández Barrio, Director of IT, Cloud and Security at Wallbox. “By using AWS IoT Core, we could get near-real-time events at scale for analytical purposes to deliver value to the business.”

The company performed its migration in two phases. First, Wallbox migrated away from its legacy database architecture, which was used for extracting data and insights from the Wallbox chargers for quick actioning and advanced analytics. Next, Wallbox migrated to managed MQTT from AWS IoT Core for its connectivity solution to send and receive information to and from smart chargers. The insights gleaned from the transmitted data help end users make energy-saving choices and give the company the ability to provide live support and configurations to the devices. The original model would disconnect after 2 hours of connectivity, but the new solution is more reliable because of the high uptime provided by AWS IoT Core.

Although Wallbox has hundreds of thousands of devices in the field, mostly in domestic settings, the first part of the migration focused only on its 1,000 public chargers. Now that Wallbox is fully using AWS IoT Core, which scales automatically, the company is migrating the rest of its 500,000 devices without worrying about managing infrastructure.


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