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Friday, 29 December 2023 14:00

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) pressures are the number one concern for mining companies today.

From water stewardship to sustainable supply chain management – combined with growing regulatory requirements – mining companies must be equipped with more advanced or new capabilities to support ESG initiatives and address the operational challenges.

For many firms seeking to improve their ESG outcomes and gain the trust of their investors and stakeholders, timely visibility and robust reporting are key focus areas. Connected IoT technologies, therefore, have an important role to play as enablers of operational data gathering, analysis, and automated reporting solutions. For example, machinery and sensors installed across mining sites, linked to user-friendly analytics platforms, enable firms to monitor and track operations and action mission-critical insights with ease.

That said, IoT adopters in mining face connectivity challenges before they are able to effectively use those technologies. Many of these monitoring solutions will likely need to be deployed in remote areas, where terrestrial connectivity is intermittent or sometimes non-existent. What is needed is a resilient and reliable connectivity solution to bring IoT technology to life.

A solution can be found in satellite connectivity. Satellite-enabled IoT unlocks a number of opportunities and benefits for mining firms. For example, data can provide companies with smarter, near-real-time insights on their global operations and the ability to enhance productivity and cost-savings as a result. IoT can also provide companies with tangible insights on sustainability metrics to enable accurate and timely ESG reporting. All of this improves transparency, while simultaneously boosting performance and trust across the sector.

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