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Sateliot  and t42 have signed a collaboration agreement to boost connected containers, enabling shipping companies to save 47 billion euros annually. Sateliot is the first company to operate a Low-Earth orbit (LEO) 5G IoT satellite constellation, and t42 is a global expert in providing IoT tracking devices for maritime containers.

t42 will deploy thousands of 5G-IoT sensors in containers for its more than 50 logistics partners across over fifty countries, connecting them to Sateliot’s satellites, thus eliminating the problem of lack of coverage on the high seas. This ensures secure control of merchandise at all times, as these sensors monitor location, acceleration, temperature, humidity, impacts, tilt, light conditions, and container damage, among other parameters, providing intelligent detection of these variables anytime, anywhere. 

Sateliot’s unique technology allows extending 5G NB-IoT connectivity to any part of the world without terrestrial coverage, without operators having to change their hardware, and at a low cost. 

Jaume Sanpera, CEO, Sateliot

Our collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the industry’s history, transforming traditional shipping containers into intelligent, connected assets. Tracking in open seas, until now, a very luxurious satellite service will be democratized to all.

Avi Hartmann, CEO, t42

It is unbelievable what a small hardware investment can represent for the industry’s performance overall. This change has come to stay; there’s no doubt about it.


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