Phantom Neuro Announces IoT-Powered Prosthetics Mobility Tech – Built In Austin

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Dr. Connor Glass, founder and CEO of Phantom Neuro. | Photo: Phantom Neuro

Neurotech startup Phantom Neuro is leveraging tech from Austin-based semiconductor provider Silicon Labs to engineer a modern solution for medical communication. Phantom Neuro is merging Internet of Things WiFi with implantable medical systems. 

Historically, the IoT’s use in implantable medical systems requiring small form factors has been limited. This is due to the network’s need for high-bandwidth data transmission within an individual’s personal space that doesn’t require energy efficiency. 

Silicon Labs addresses this need with its family of devices that provides a Wi-Fi system designed to efficiently manage high-bandwidth data with low-power consumption. By employing these solutions, Phantom Neuto aims to develop a minimally invasive muscle-machine interface that helps people control their prosthetic limbs and robotic exoskeletons.


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