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Let’s talk about global provider of in-transit supply chain risk management and visibility solutions Overhaul, and let’s do so in relation to measurable change through cutting-edge IoT:

Overhaul’s M.O. is to create true situational awareness by providing the real-time analyses needed to preempt undue issues while seizing actionable opportunities. We’re talking about device-agnostic supply chain visibility and risk monitoring for shipments, all made possible by powerful, user-friendly data analytics and predictive insights, as well as comprehensive SaaS implementations that transform more than delay and theft prevention and mitigation – long story short, Overhaul is transformative in simplifying how leading brands like Microsoft, Dyson, J.B. Hunt, GoPro, and others can succeed.

Earlier this month, Overhaul made an announcement. The company launched a new offering – the Intelligent Door Seal Solution.

According to the official announcement, this marks the “inaugural solution where a smart door seal that incorporates Bluetooth and GPS is fully integrated into the Overhaul platform.”

Here’s more of the IoT behind this Intelligent Door Seal Solution:

Commonly, embedded cargo devices use light as a determining factor for whether or not a door has been opened. This, however, has the potential to create problematic false positives security-wise and can prove to be a less effective solution at night. (And low light levels, as we unfortunately know, aren’t the only thing cargo criminals may consider when strategizing how to avoid alerting systems.) Users need to be immediately notified when, say, a trailer door is opened or when bay door activity is sensed.

So, coupled with Overhaul’s risk monitoring interface, the Intelligent Door Seal Solution generates instant alerts, giving customers an even higher level of confidence that their cargo is securely monitored.

According to various accounts, not only have incidents jumped 59% year-over-year since 2023’s third quarter, but the number of criminal carriers exploiting truck brokerage operations increased nearly 400%, seen in more industries than one may initially presume.

Given improved security measures are being demanded, Overhaul is innovating at the right time.

“Our customers have had a consistent need to understand what’s happening with their cargo trailers, especially as pilferage continues to be an issue in the market,” said Barry Conlon, Overhaul’s CEO. “For the past 18 months, we’ve been developing this solution as an answer to those calls and a way to better identify potential theft activities.”

Another way to long-story-short this update? The Intelligent Door Seal Solution, notably a product of Overhaul’s newly launched IoT Assess and Deploy service, marks a significant advancement in the marketplace and offers a sophisticated alternative to oft-used traditional light alerts.

As of this publication, the Intelligent Door Seal Solution will be available to Overhaul customers in the first quarter of 2024.

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