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Sustainability, efficiency, and optimisation are key drivers in the APAC region is expected to see a healthy compound annual growth rate in the IoT Energy and Utilities market of 11.13% between 2022 and 2030.

The opportunities in this segment of the Internet of Things (IoT) is tremendous, as the sensors, devices, and connectivity that drive IoT can be implemented in numerous ways in energy and utilities, including:

  • Energy management: The toll on energy grids is becoming greater and IoT can help manage the use of energy grids to achieve optimisation and sustainability, as well as helping to avoid brown outs or black outs.
  • Smart metering: Billing and usage can be streamlined and more insight into usage can help optimise resources and provide consumers more management into the gas and electricity they use.
  • Electric vehicle charging: The rise in electric vehicles helps meet soaring gas prices and reduce emissions, but electric vehicle charging stations need to rise alongside the adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Monitoring and maintenance: By leveraging IoT, accessing hard-to-reach energy and utilities assets or remote repair is possible, reducing downtime and streamlining logistics.

Several key influences in IoT are having an impact in IoT for energy and utilities, including:

  • Global connectivity can create headaches in seamless international deployments, especially considering roaming restrictions.
  • Network sunsets are ongoing globally and can create challenges when managing or rolling out new solutions.
  • eSIM can help mitigate global challenges and provide future-proof connectivity, but the approach and type of eSIM is important.
  • Emerging connectivity technologies such as LTE-M, Cat-1, NB-IoT, and LoRaWAN fall into the low power wide area (LPWA) networks category for both cellular and non-cellular connectivity.

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The opportunities in IoT for energy and utilities are significant, but so can be the challenges. Register for the webinar to learn more on how to maximize investments in Industry 4.0.


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