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ONiO, a pioneer in the batteryless microcontroller space, and Epishine, the Swedish pioneer in printed organic solar cells, announced a strategic partnership. A partnership aimed at bringing to life a shared vision of self-powered IoT devices – i.e 100% batteryless IoT devices that can eliminate the toxic environmental effects of disposable batteries.

ONiO’s cutting-edge, ultra-low-power microcontrollers are now about to join forces with Epishine’s leading indoor solar cells, seamlessly combined to eliminate the scourge of battery waste.

This strategic confluence is poised to revolutionize the IoT industry by introducing a groundbreaking model of eco-friendly, autonomous electronics. The initiative is focused on creating innately sustainable devices that eliminate the need for battery replacement and charging— cutting down on electronic waste and reducing running costs.

“Our alliance with Epishine marks a seamless leap into a sustainable technological future and the start of a Nordic industry initiative to drive sustainable electronics into the future,” Kjetil Meisal, CEO of ONiO, said. “With Epishine’s organic solar cells and unique ability to harness energy from low light conditions, combined with our extremely energy-efficient microcontrollers, we’re seamlessly integrating the upper class of solar and semiconductor technologies. This paves the way for the next generation of IoT devices—sustainable, maintenance-free, and truly autonomous.”

In recent tests with Epishine, ONiO.zero’s advanced microcontrollers have displayed exceptional cold start capabilities, powering up in mere seconds—a tall order for other technologies that need several minutes. T

his breakthrough not only enhances the user experience by dramatically slashing wait times but also positions ONiO at the forefront of instant-on IoT solutions, seamlessly complementing Epishine’s organic photovoltaic innovations.

“Our partnership with ONiO represents a milestone in our journey towards sustainable low-power electronics,” added Anders Kottenauer, CEO of Epishine. “Leveraging ONiO’s ultra-low-power microcontrollers alongside our indoor solar cells, we are an innovative example to the IoT industry.

“This alliance is not just about combining two cutting-edge technologies; it’s about reducing reliance on traditional battery systems and leading the charge towards sustainable electronics,” Kottenauer noted. “Together, we are crafting devices that are not only self-sustaining but are also a testament to the power of sustainable innovation.” 


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