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Akenza is excited to release its most recent product update. It introduces functionalities that will advance IoT projects whether in the Proof of Concept phase or already a large-scale deployment. It grants enhanced authority, superior data governance, and unmatched transparency. 

Let’s take a closer look into what the product update has to offer:

Store Data in your SQL Databases

Akenza added new output connectors to store data in SQL databases. They support storing data in MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle DB, and MS SQL. With this functionality, it is possible to seamlessly integrate data with leading Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI, Tableau, datapine, Google Looker Studio, Preset, and numerous others. 

Enhanced Asset Filtering Capabilities 

To effectively handle a large device fleet, it is crucial to have the proper tools. Akenza’s improved asset filtering tool significantly contributes to optimizing this management process. It is now easy to search and filter within an asset inventory. Whether you are overseeing only a few devices or thousands, locating and managing assets is made easy. This feature is especially valuable in extensive deployments where device management complexities often arise. 

Advancements in Custom Device Types

Akenza’s Custom Device Types have consistently stood out for their flexibility, and now in their latest version, they’ve reached new heights. 

The script editor now boasts improved debugging features with console.log outputs, along with the convenience of saving multiple example payloads, streamlining the testing process. Accelerating development, the script duplication feature in the library eliminates the need to initiate projects from scratch, complemented by refined code auto-completion functionality. 

Furthermore, the UI now facilitates the direct creation and modification of data schemas, offering automatic or manual generation options. This structured and contextualized approach to data management empowers you to assign names, descriptions, and types to each data point, establishing a foundation for streamlined utilization in your end application. 

Improved Billing Dashboard 

Akenza’s upgraded Billing Cockpit offers a direct and comprehensive view of product usage, offering transparent cost control. With real-time monitoring capabilities, it is easy to track key metrics like Datapoint Storage Days and Data Ingestion Units, optimizing your IoT resources more efficiently. 

The new product update of akenza brings you a full suite of enterprise features to ensure you have tools to launch large-scale IoT solutions. To learn more about how akenza can support your IoT journey, contact us or sign up for a free 30-day trial today. 


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