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Road intersections can be dangerous. Whether the intersection is quiet with hardly any traffic or there are horns blaring in every direction, brake lights flashing and pedestrians darting across the street, intersections are dangerous.

I can’t even keep up with the number of times I’ve witnessed car accidents that almost occurred whenever I drive around in Downtown Austin. And the one time I thought I didn’t have to worry about someone T-boning my vehicle at an intersection (because the intersection was in a quiet and calm area), naturally I got into my first car accident and my vehicle was totaled (I wasn’t at fault).

This is why innovative traffic management solutions are important. They are a beacon for safer, smoother and smarter roads. Don’t believe me? Peek at the articles my team writes, especially the amazing Alex Passett, who has written many great pieces about traffic solutions in IoT and recently wrote an article about a solution created to make left turns smarter.

Building on that note of making intersections safer, Iteris, a provider of smart mobility infrastructure management solutions, recently launched Vantage CV, an integrated detection and connected vehicle system designed to transform intersection safety.

The benefits of Vantage CV are far-reaching, extending beyond immediate collision prevention. Real-time data from the system can be used to optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion and improve overall traffic management. 

At the heart of Vantage CV lies a blend of established and new technologies. Traditional traffic detection systems like Iteris’ Vantage Apex and Vantage Next collect vital data on vehicles and pedestrians traversing intersections. This information is then used by the BlueTOAD Spectra CV roadside unit, a communication hub that leverages cellular vehicle-to-everything, or C-V2X, technology. C-V2X enables real-time communication between vehicles and infrastructure, which allows them to share key safety information about potential hazards.

“With V2X technology at the forefront of revolutionizing safety, we’re happy to offer a solution that delivers value today while helping agencies be ready for tomorrow,” said Joe Bergera, CEO at Iteris. “Combined with Iteris’ market-leading portfolio of detection solutions, transportation agencies now have access to everything they need to create smarter cities with improved safety, mobility and sustainability.”

Vantage CV doesn’t stop there, though. Recognizing that widespread C-V2X adoption is still in its early stages, Iteris integrated in-vehicle technologies into the system. This allows agencies to prioritize safety upgrades for critical fleets, such as school buses and emergency vehicles, equipping them with the ability to receive and transmit safety alerts even without C-V2X technology onboard other vehicles.

Additionally, VantageARGUS CV, the next generation of Iteris’ data visualization and analytics platform, provides valuable insights into intersection performance, enabling agencies to identify patterns and proactively address safety concerns.

The launch of Vantage CV marks a leap forward in traffic management because it uses real-time data exchange to prevent accidents and safeguard vulnerable road users.

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