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Welcome to an insightful and in-depth exploration of an IoT solution creation, as seen through the lens of a real-life case study: the development of a smart public pool solution designed to enhance maintenance, monitoring, and ultimately improve user satisfaction.

This project stands as a testament to the collaboration between gammaRenax Facility Services, comtac, headbits, and akenza and represents a true synergy of expertise. gammaRenax, the project’s initiator, identified the pressing need for advanced monitoring and improved maintenance standards in public swimming pools. comtac, a key contributor to the initiative, delivered the essential hardware components necessary for data collection. Their expertise lies in seamlessly connecting the pool measurement device to the cloud, enabling real-time transmission of critical data for analysis and decision-making.

Meanwhile, the akenza platform handles connectivity and device management. Their IoT platform provides a reliable foundation for robust and reliable IoT infrastructure. On the user interface and experience front, headbits developed a user-friendly web application. This application would serve as a central hub for data visualization and analysis, providing pool operators and administrators with valuable insights into pool water metrics, thereby informing pool personnel with real-time information.

In this upcoming webinar, gammaRenax, comtac, headbits, and akenza will share their unique insights and experiences. They will offer a glimpse into the challenges they encountered during the project’s development, and how they successfully crafted a seamless IoT integration in a real-world scenario, paving the way for more innovative projects in the IoT landscape. This webinar promises to be a source of inspiration for IoT enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and professionals looking to embark on similar journeys.

Join us as we delve deeper into this IoT case study, where technology, innovation, and collaboration converge to redefine the future of public pool management and the broader realm of IoT solutions, driving us toward a more connected and efficient future.


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