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Readers, the holiday season has left the building and 2024 is here. As the new year rolled in, our editorial team took several opportunities to look back fondly on another incredible trip around the sun for the Internet of Things, including new challenges encountered and how resolutions were smartly achieved across industry landscapes.

For instance, I penned a few organization-specific pieces that wound back the clock and examined the advancements made by the likes of Semitech Semiconductor (i.e. more specific to the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT). We also reviewed the many accomplishments of IoT connectivity and software innovator 1NCE and, to round it out, the slew of IoT modules, antennas and other sensor-centric solutions devised by IoT solutions provider Quectel. (Each of those “Year-in-Review” type of stories can be found in this paragraph’s respective links.)

(Also, although it’s less central to the Internet of Things in and of itself, our stellar Greg Tavarez detailed his own informative end-of-year review on MSP Today.)

But let’s return to IoT:

The Internet of Things has become a super integral part of lives (whether or not the acronym “IoT” is thrown around in as mainstream of a way as, for instance, AI). IoT is the representation of connecting everyday objects to the internet and – the following is far from hyperbole – legitimately revolutionizing how we interact with up-and-coming technologies, organizations, and especially with one another. Technical connectivity is the lifeblood if IoT, but personal connectivity is the bridge that unites us. And in an increasingly interconnected world in far more ways than one, seamlessly integrating devices, corralling datapoints and harnessing them intelligently, and even automating previously “un-automatable” processes has given way to remarkable developments in smart home products, wearable devices, wildlife protection solutions, industrial and smart city applications and much, much more. It has impacted (and will continue to impact) healthcare, agriculture (and “agribusiness”), transportation (including EVs and autonomous vehicles), hospitality industries, food and leisure, and so on.

Learning more about these ventures is an constant, so I’d also propose considering attending IoT Evolution Expo, part of the overall ITEXPO 2024, taking place February 13-15, hosted at the Broward Country Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW. ITEXPO will also include MSP Expo, Generative AI Expo and Future of Work Expo, among others.

Lastly for this piece, I’d like to wrap up in a way we typically don’t; via a listing of impactful articles that report on impactful stories and the technological leaps and strategic company partnerships therein. I’ve alphabetically grouped them with other like pieces for you, readers; feel free to browse!

Some of the categories may seem broad, but each story dives deep into the specifics, we assure you.

(P.S., categorizing these created an understandable bit of spillover, topics-wise. We appreciate your understanding in how they’re curated.)







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