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HaiLa and Presto Engineering Unveil Groundbreaking BSC2000 Chip for Sustainable IoT Connectivity

In a strategic alliance, HaiLa Technologies, Inc. and Presto Engineering have unveiled the BSC2000, a pioneering chip aimed at revolutionizing the connectivity of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This innovative chip, developed through an SPI interface, is set to launch the IoT sector into a new era of extreme-low power consumption, a critical component for devices spanning multiple markets including building automation, home automation, consumer electronics, wearables, smart transportation, agriculture, medical, and automotive sectors.

Advancing IoT towards Sustainable Scaling

Central to this initiative is the ambition to promote sustainable scaling of IoT. The BSC2000 promises to significantly reduce battery waste, aligning with the net-zero objectives of end-users. This robust commitment to sustainability is showcased in the BSC2000’s debut at CES 2024 and is currently being sampled by the pioneers themselves.

Roots in Stanford, Branches all over the Globe

Founded in Montreal, Canada in 2019, and with origins tracing back to Stanford University, HaiLa specializes in fabless semiconductor and software development for low power multi-protocol radio communication. The company’s focus is on leveraging existing wireless infrastructures, eliminating the need for constant battery maintenance. HaiLa’s technology is protocol-agnostic, with its first adaptation on Wi-Fi, making it a versatile solution for widespread IoT deployment.

A Partnership for the Future

Presto Engineering’s expertise in RF mixed-signal chip design and ultra-low power architectures aligns perfectly with HaiLa’s innovative approach. This symbiotic partnership is poised to explore and seize future business opportunities, further solidifying their collective commitment to driving the IoT sector towards sustainable development and power efficiency.


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