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Dima Feldman, VP Product Management and Marketing at Sony Semiconductor Israel

Vienna, Austria – Anritsu Corporation, in collaboration with Sony Semiconductor Israel, announced on December 19 that it has successfully validated the first Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) NB-IoT protocol conformance tests using the 5G NR Mobile Device Test Platform ME7834NR, powered by Sony Semiconductor Israel’s Altair device.

The NTN NB-IoT capability is invaluable in scenarios where devices need to operate in remote areas without terrestrial cellular coverage. This capability is particularly useful in applications such as asset tracking in the maritime, logistics, mining, automotive and other sectors.

Kameda Keiji, General Manager of the Mobile Solutions Division at Anritsu Corporation, highlighted the importance of 3GPP Release 17 for 5G and LTE: “NTN enables new use cases and monetization opportunities for vertical industry segments. Our collaboration with Sony enables us to quickly validate these new features, facilitating rapid market entry and certifications in GCF/PTCRB for the deployment of certified devices and the realization of innovative applications.”

The conformance tests, aligned to the 3GPP specifications in TS 36.523-1, which meet the core requirements in TS 36.331, were submitted by Anritsu to the 3GPP Radio Access Network Working Group 5 (RAN WG5).

Christophe Flechelle, GM France & System Engineering Director at Sony Semiconductor Israel, was enthusiastic about the partnership with Anritsu: “By establishing a certification program for NTN, we’re accelerating the integration of key satellite technologies into tracking devices and wearables. This collaboration represents a significant step towards technological advancement and widespread adoption in the industry.”

The ME7834NR 5G NR mobile device test platform, registered with both the GCF and PTCRB as Test Platform 251, serves as a comprehensive solution for 3GPP-based Protocol Conformance Testing (PCT) and Carrier Acceptance Testing (CAT) of various mobile devices. It supports 5G NR in both standalone and non-standalone modes, in addition to LTE, LTE-Advanced, LTE-A Pro, W-CDMA and now NTN. With the inclusion of Anritsu’s MA8171A OTA RF chamber and RF converters, the ME7834NR extends coverage to sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G NR frequency bands.


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