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PeggyBoard: An Interactive Climbing Wall

The PeggyBoard is “a Raspberry Pi project developed to be paired with your home “woody”/climbing wall. It features an easy-to-use web app that anyone on your network can open up and begin setting a custom route that will then light up the respective holds on your wall. These routes can also be saved so they can be revisited later.” – GitHub

A Loud Phone Ringer for the Elderly

Giovanni Aggiustatutto built a custom base for an elderly friend. The cordless landline phone’s base contains a loud ringer and flashing lights to alert the friend of an incoming call. – HackADay

Using Meshtastic and OwnTracks to Kick A Google Location Habit

Jonathan Bennet was searching for an alternative way to share location data with their wife and business travel. They combine Meshtastic, a LoRa-based mesh network, and OwnTracks, a GPS location tracker, to create a private (self-hosted) location-sharing service. – HackADay

HydroCleaner: River Cleaning Robot

A low-cost, ML-powered, robot that attempts to capture trash in small waterways. – HackADay.io

Screen Time Monitoring with Adafruit IO

Using an HLK-LD2410B human detection sensor and Adafruit IO to monitor the amount of time an engineer spends staring at their computer screen. – Hackster.io

LoRaWAN Birdhouse

A birdhouse with a weight scale inside to detect a bird. The birdhouse is powered by solar energy and can transmit the scale’s data via LoRaWAN to the Internet. – HackADay.io

Millions of UK Smart Meters will Brick

Millions of smart meters in the UK will become “bricked” as 2G and 3G mobile networks are turned off across the country. – The Register


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