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Foodpanda Philippines is revolutionizing online meal delivery. It is now embracing Internet of Things (IoT) technology. As an aftermath, it is taking a big step forward in the industry’s tech advancement.

The online meal delivery market in the Philippines is on a path to reach US$3.8 billion by 2023, boasting a robust CAGR of 13.62% (2023-2027). Statista research indicates that the surge is attributed to the burgeoning demand for dining convenience and a diverse array of culinary options.

In 2021, foodpanda dominated with a strong 58% market share by revenue. Notably, their strategic partnership with PLDT Enterprise since 2007 laid the groundwork for business empowerment. The recent integration of IoT solutions from PLDT signifies a strengthened dedication to technological innovation.

The introduction of IoT SIMs (Subscriber Identity Modules) by foodpanda, powered by PLDT, promises enhanced connectivity and data transmission capabilities. These SIMs are vital for creating and using IoT applications, providing increased security and flexibility. They fit well with the changing requirements of delivery and logistics businesses.

Albert Villa-Real, President and CEO of PLDT Global, and Revenue Group Head at PLDT Enterprise, highlights how IoT plays a crucial role in changing industries. He said that their partnership with foodpanda demonstrates how technology can transform entire industries.

Leopoldo De Castro Jr, Finance Director at foodpanda Philippines, envisions a more sustainable future for the food delivery industry through their collaboration with PLDT Enterprise. He expressed that together, they are ready to revolutionize the delivery business sector and build a sustainable future for their customers and stakeholders.

As foodpanda adopts IoT technology, the industry expects a big change for the better – improved efficiency, smoother customer experiences and a more sustainable future for online meal delivery.


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