Espressif Partners with AWS for the ESP ZeroCode ExL, Combining Matter 1.2 and AWS IoT ExpressLink –

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Espressif has announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to release a new module firmware for its ESP ZeroCode platform, the ESP ZeroCode ExL, which aims to make it easier to work with AWS IoT ExpressLink to develop Matter-compatible cloud-connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

“This module is based on Espressif’s ESP32-C6 system-on-chip (SoC) providing Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5 (LE), and [IEEE] 802.15.4 connectivity,” Espressif’s Amey Inamdar says of the new hardware. “It contains built-in Matter and cloud connectivity software providing a simple AT commands-based serial interface to the host. With such a simplified integration, you can build Matter-compliant, secure IoT devices that connect to AWS IoT Core and other AWS services.”

Espressif launched the ESP ZeroCode platform back in August, promising exactly what the name implies: the ability to use Espressif hardware and software to develop Matter-compatible devices, without ever writing a single line of code. The browser-based no-code development platform targets specific modules powered by ESP32 systems-on-chips (SoCs), which can be configured then connected as a pre-certified solution to a host microcontroller, and it’s in this ecosystem which the new ESP ZeroCode ExL firmware launches.

“When device makers want to build cloud-connected devices, they have to write and maintain a significant amount of software. It also needs a deep understanding of connectivity, security, OTA upgrades, and device management,” Inamdar claims. “The addition of the Matter protocol adds to this making the development, maintenance, and certification even more complex. The ESP ZeroCode ExL module moves this important yet undifferentiated workload onto a separate module, allowing device makers to easily build the hardware interfacing and business logic onto the host MCU [Microcontroller Unit].”

The ESP ZeroCode ExL firmware brings full support for both the Matter 1.2 and the AWS IoT ExpressLink 1.2 specifications, including connectivity with AWS IoT Core services like MQTT messaging and Over-The-Air (OTA) updating. The module includes a hardware root-of-trust (ROT), flash encryption, and is available to test now on any ESP32-C6-based development board — though deployment in a shipping product is expected to take place using the produced-on-demand ESP ZeroCode modules themselves.

“ESP ZeroCode Console supports a refrigerator, laundry washer, air conditioner, thermostat, and dimmer device types with ESP ZeroCode ExL module [firmware],” Inamdar says of the initial launch. “We will be soon expanding on these device types.”

Those looking to try out the new firmware can do so with an Espressif ESP32-C6 development board on the ESP ZeroCode console now.


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