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Set on unveiling its Gen3 series of IoT devices at CES 2024, the Bulgarian Shelly Group AD aims to redefine user interactions with smart homes and businesses. The new products, equipped with Shelly’s powerful chip offering eight megabytes of memory, promise enhanced performance, streamlined control of third-party devices through “virtual components,” and compatibility with the upcoming Matter standard. Notably, the increased memory “guarantees smoother and faster operation,” the “virtual components” can be accessed through the Shelly Smart Control app, and Matter compatibility allows for reliable and secure connectivity.

Dimitar Dimitrov, Co-CEO of Shelly Group, shared: “With increased memory capacity and enhanced capabilities, users can experience enhanced product functionalities and reliability of our devices. These new products mark a significant milestone for [the brand] as it continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower users to create truly smart homes and businesses.”

Image Credit: CES 2024


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