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Cutting Edge Human-Machine Interface Startup to Offer First-of-Its-Kind IoT WiFi Technology

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Phantom Neuro, the pioneering neurotech startup, today announced its solution to outdated medical standard communications technologies through a first-of-its-kind merging of IoT WiFi and implantable medical systems.

Dr. Connor Glass of Phantom Neuro reflects on the benefits of IoT, related to patient care and outcomes, in the Silicon Labs' IoT For Good Developer Stories initiative.

Dr. Connor Glass of Phantom Neuro reflects on the benefits of IoT, related to patient care and outcomes, in the Silicon Labs’ IoT For Good Developer Stories initiative.

“We’re doing things differently in looking beyond current standards, like Bluetooth, which has limitations to operating within an individual’s personal space,” said Dr. Connor Glass, founder and CEO of Phantom Neuro. “We believe in a world without limitations for our users, and thus our team worked outside of the box and found that Austin-based semiconductor provider Silicon Labs offers a solution that we have been able to harness and amplify in an entirely novel way.” Watch Dr. Glass discuss further in the link here.

The Internet of Things had a similar need for high-bandwidth, swift data transmission within an individual’s personal space, but without the constraining requirement of energy efficiency. Historically, this has limited IoT technologies’ relevance to implantable medical systems that require small form factors.

Silicon Labs’ family of Wi-Fi devices provides a Wi-Fi system tailored to efficiently manage high-bandwidth data with low power consumption, allowing Phantom Neuro to be the first of its kind to harness IoT Wi-Fi technology for its implantable medical system, expediting Phantom’s cutting-edge human augmentation mission.

“For a solution that brings life changing mobility for individuals with limb differences, Phantom Neuro needs connectivity that just works,” said Fritz Werder, Senior Director of the Life Business Unit at Silicon Labs. “By using Silicon Labs Wi-Fi, Phantom Neuro helps build confidence in their users that they will be able to securely and reliably use technology to live their most capable lives.”

In addition to selecting Silicon Labs technology, Phantom Neuro has also participated in the company’s IoT For Good Developer Stories initiative, to reflect on the multitudinous benefits of IoT related to patient care and outcomes.

About Phantom Neuro
Phantom is a neurotechnology company, spun out of a lab at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, that is developing the world’s first minimally invasive muscle-machine interface for control of prosthetic limbs and robotic exoskeletons. Learn more at www.phantomneuro.com

Shannon Wilsey, Public Relations | Phantom Neuro
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Phantom Neuro Inc. (PRNewsfoto/Phantom Neuro Inc.)Phantom Neuro Inc. (PRNewsfoto/Phantom Neuro Inc.)

Phantom Neuro Inc. (PRNewsfoto/Phantom Neuro Inc.)



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