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Dr. Ana Maria Yenko Jimenez, Head of Performance Management, Hoan My Medical Corporation

Dr. Ana Maria Yenko Jimenez, Head of Performance Management, Hoan My Medical Corporation

Dr. Ana Maria Yenko Jimenez is a distinguished healthcare executive with a remarkable career spanning over 15 years in the industry. Her exceptional problem-solving skills and resultsdriven approach have consistently led to success in implementing operational excellence processes. Currently serving as the Head of Performance Management at Hoan My Medical Corporation, the largest healthcare network in Vietnam, Ana continues to excel in her role, bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience to contribute to the organization’s success.

What are some of the challenges you encounter while ensuring the successful construction and management of data warehouses?

The process of extracting and integrating data from various sources poses a significant challenge for healthcare organizations such as ours. When acquiring new assets, it is not uncommon to encounter varying automated systems, such as hospital information systems. Consequently, it becomes necessary to establish a process of standardization and consolidation in order to integrate these systems into a unified optical information system. Additionally, we gather data from diverse sources, encompassing financial applications and data warehouses. The primary difficulty lies in constructing effective data models and managing the substantial influx of data from various sources, while the tasks of analysis and visualization may be relatively straightforward. To extract valuable insights from the data, our current focus lies on developing a robust architecture for the data lake and data warehouse. The overarching objective is to effectively implement a high level of data integration and utilization throughout the entirety of Vietnam’s healthcare networks.

What are some of your recent project initiatives?

Our organization has established a collaborative partnership with a local company to jointly develop a data processing model. Substantial advancements have been achieved in our ongoing endeavor to integrate data effectively. The preliminary phases have been successfully accomplished, encompassing the comprehension of requirements, the identification of data sources, and the execution of data extraction, transformation, and cleansing processes. Presently, our primary emphasis lies in the process of data ingestion into the data warehouse and the formulation of data models, which has emerged as one of the most formidable facets of the undertaking. The necessary tools for this task are provided by our partner vendor, a local technology company based in Vietnam. In our team, there are distinct roles assigned to individuals, including data engineers, data architects, business analysts, and user experience designers. Each member of the team brings their specialized knowledge and skills to contribute to the project.

Are there any emerging technologies that you are excited about or looking forward to incorporating into your data management and warehouse processes?

We are especially enthusiastic about incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) into our healthcare network, specifically for the integration of medical equipment and devices. As the utilization of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in medical equipment, such as MRI machines, enables the analysis of our usage patterns and the collection of clinically significant data, thereby facilitating the enhancement of patient outcomes. The integration of this system allows for the optimization of patient care efficacy while concurrently facilitating the acquisition of valuable data pertaining to equipment utilization.

What would be your piece of advice for budding professionals in the field?

My recommendation for healthcare firms looking to improve their performance management is to build alliances with organizations that have already effectively adopted data analytics in a setting comparable to their own. Data analytics may be in its infancy in many sectors, but organizations that harness its power to make more informed decisions and better position themselves for growth will reap the benefits. Furthermore, identifying key performance indicators is an integral part of performance management. The patient experience, clinical effectiveness, finances, and operations are just some of the areas that should be considered before investing in technology. This insight is crucial for mapping data collection and analysis procedures, which in turn directs the roadmap for digital data transformation toward targeted performance outcomes.


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