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The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), a global organization that creates and promotes universal, open standards for IoT, is dedicated to enabling all objects to simply, securely and seamlessly connect the world. They develop, evolve and manage IoT technology standards through a collaborative process. They also actively seek to promote the benefits of global, open standards, the value of the IoT to customers and consumers, and to break down the barriers to broad access and adoption of IoT technologies and solutions.

The CSA and its members (in pursuit of their mission to promote universal open standards) are creating a new communication protocol, Aliro, with a common credential that champions interoperability between mobile devices, wearables and access control readers. Aliro is a new effort aimed at transforming how users unlock doors or other entry points using their mobile device or wearable.

Aliro embodies four fundamental principles for manufacturers of mobile devices and access readers. These principles involve simplifying integration and troubleshooting, supporting diverse installations, implementing high level security measures and promoting interoperability through standardized communication protocols.

The certified hardware resulting from Aliro’s efforts facilitates the selection of optimal hardware and software by system owners and installers. This eases installation processes and accommodates a range of consumer smartphones and wearables. Aliro also simplifies the management and maintenance of access control systems, eliminating the need for troubleshooting across multiple hardware providers.

At the core of Aliro is its communication protocol, which serves as the standard for various transmission technologies and supporting access control across different use cases. The protocol includes definitions for Near Field Communication, Bluetooth Low-Energy, Ultra-Wideband, asymmetric cryptography and credential data.

By establishing interoperable, simple, and secure solutions, Aliro accelerates the adoption of mobile devices as keys and the utilization of supported digital access card readers. This initiative is expected to have a lasting impact on how people access homes, corporate offices, facilities, warehouses, hotel rooms, healthcare and university facilities.

“As we’ve seen with the introduction of Matter, it’s been proven that global collaboration around a shared mission along open standards is the best way to achieve broader adoption of new technology,” said CSA President and CEO Tobin Richardson. “The Alliance and its members are now using that same model to unlock the potential of digital access experience, with the creation of a new standard and credential that makes adoption easier for mobile device and access control reader companies.”

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