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I’m currently investigating IoT platforms for remotely logging data.
Having looked at the various websites, they all seem very much like an attempt to keep out the hoi polloi. There is much talk about getting a system up and running in 5 minutes, but 5 hours later and I am still struggling through the acronyms: OTA updates? But I don’t even have an operational transconductance amplifier in circuit.
Surely sending data to the server must be trivial: serial-to-Ethernet module sending internet command followed by some form of ID, followed by variable name, and finally the new data value, so why does it seem to require the downloading of megabytes of ”libraries”?
I would have thought that these firms would need to appeal to the hardware designer and embedded programmer, rather that just the computer cognoscenti, because those are the engineers that actually have real-world-connected hardware that needs monitoring.
Does anyone know of any engineer-friendly IoT providers?


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