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Chainway has recently launched a series of high-performance RFID products to serve the broader market. The new products include handheld RFID readers, RFID scanners, fixed RFID readers, and RFID printers. These products can help users take productivity and productivity to a whole new level.

C5 handheld RFID Reader

C5 integrates a diverse range of data acquisition functions including high-performance barcode scanning, fingerprint recognition, NFC, dual PSAM cards, and high-definition to meet the application requirements of a wider range of industry scenarios. The latest handheld RFID reader with industry-leading UHF performance is based on the Impinj E710 chip. There are two models, the 6-inch big screen model with a larger reading area and the 5-inch screen (with fingerprint function) model which suits industries with higher security requirements. Both models come with an extra-large 6700mAh battery. A 13400mAh removable handle battery is available as an option.

SR160 RFID Scanner

The new RFID scanner supports both UHF and 1D/2D capabilities through its three operating modes: single barcode scanning, single UHF RFID scanning and hybrid scanning, which can be flexibly switched among each other through physical buttons. Its excellent UHF performance is intrinsic in this application based on the Impinj E310 chip. SR160 has adopted optimized ergonomics in design to form a compact scanner with comfortable grip. The scanner is available in both wired and wireless versions and is widely applicable in retail chains, supermarkets, logistics and other fields.

U300 Fixed RFID Reader

Employing Android 11 operating system and quad-core 2.0GHz CPU, the new reader possesses stunning data processing capabilities. Based on the Impinj E710 / R2000 chip, the reader has stronger UHF performance. U300 Integrates RS232, RJ45, HDMI and other interfaces, and supports multiple DC, POE, POE+ power supply modes. The new generation reader can meet the application needs in complex environments such as warehousing, file management, library management, production line management, medical equipment cabinets, and unmanned retail.

UR1A Integrated RFID Reader

Adopting self-developed high-performance module based on Impinj E710 / R2000 chip, combined with the integrated high-performance antenna, the new UR1A is a powerful single-channel fixed UHF reader. The reader supports RS-232, RJ45, and multiple trigger terminal communication interfaces. UR1A is widely applicable in warehousing, file management, library management, banking, production line management and other fields.

CP30 RFID Printer

The newly launched RFID printer supports both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing methods. Equipped with 3.5-inch LCD touch screen, multiple communication interfaces, and adaptive print head resolution, CP30 can accurately and quickly print various barcodes, RFID tags, tickets, wristbands, etc., which can fully adapt to the printing needs of numerous industries.


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