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Buildings IOT, a global adaptive buildings leader, and Exergenics, central plant optimization trailblazer, unite in a partnership to change building efficiency.

On their own, each of our solutions provide double-digit savings in a single measure. Together, we amplify the ability to maximize efficiency quickly.”

— Jon Schoenfeld, SVP of Building Science

CONCORD, CA, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2023 / — Buildings IOT, the global leader in adaptive buildings technology, and Exergenics, a trailblazer in central plant optimization, have joined forces in a strategic partnership that promises to revolutionize building performance and efficiency. By joining their expertise in distinct facets of the market, the collaboration aims to deliver game-changing results, optimizing both air and water sides of building operations within the framework of adaptive buildings.

Exergenics, a recent entrant to the U.S. market with a proven track record in Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific region, brings a unique focus on the water side of building operations. With a growing US portfolio spanning installations in California universities, schools, and stadiums, Exergenics has quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach.

Combining Buildings IOT’s innovative airside efficiency capabilities and its critical time-series data historization with Exergenics’ proven central plant optimization formulas creates double-digit savings across two major energy consuming systems in buildings of all types within weeks of deployment. Notably, the joint Exergenics and Buildings IOT approach aims to utilize existing assets wherever possible, decreasing the capital outlays required for advanced optimization to near zero.

Andy McMahon, CRO of Exergenics, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Buildings IOT is a game-changer in the industry. The complimentary technologies provide a clear path to savings and sustainability through non-invasive measures that keep the operator at the center of all efforts.”

Exergenics has demonstrated substantial results with an immediate 15% reduction in central plant energy consumption upon deployment at California State University Dominguez Hills. Similarly, the Buildings IOT adaptive buildings suite has delivered five-figure savings to a retail REIT within the first month of going live.

Jon Schoenfeld, SVP of Building Science for Buildings IOT, highlighted the innovative and additive nature of the partnership: “On their own, each of our solutions provide double-digit savings in a single measure. Together, we amplify the ability to maximize efficiency quickly.”

The Exergenics solution, available on-premise or through the cloud, leverages API integration with Buildings IOT’s data layer IOT Jetstream to capture real-time data and optimize condenser water temperature setpoints. Both solutions leverage AI and machine learning algorithms to ensure results without disrupting existing operations. Buildings IOT’s data modeling and historization processes accelerate optimization for Exergenics to deliver faster and more accurate results.

Tim Stewart, Co-Founder & COO of Exergenics, emphasized the immediate financial advantages of their SaaS model, stating, “Exergenics Cloud generates positive cash flow from the outset, where even a moderately sized plant can realize an average monthly savings of $10,000. The sooner Buildings IOT is installed, the sooner we can capture historical data and reach even greater savings for our clients in their adaptive buildings.”

The partnership between Buildings IOT and Exergenics represents a ground-breaking collaboration poised to redefine the standards of adaptive building performance optimization. As both companies contribute their expertise to the endeavor, building owners can anticipate a new era of energy efficiency and sustainability tailored to the adaptive nature of their buildings.

About Buildings IOT:
Buildings IOT is the world’s leading adaptive buildings company, turning data into actions that are tailored to the needs, constraints and opportunities of properties and portfolios. We improve the operational performance and reduce the environmental impact of buildings because we understand deeply how they work, and we’ve built that expertise into every facet of our products and services.

About Exergenics:
Exergenics has developed a patented, worlds-first AI-driven optimization solution that delivers peak efficiency in centralized chilled water plants via the cloud. The combination of precise AI-generated controls and cloud-enabled implementation drastically improves time to value for building owners and operators.

Exergenics’ approach provides a scalable solution which optimizes the operational efficiency of building portfolios, by utilizing existing systems. Therefore, no additional hardware or technicians are required for the solution, allowing building owners to deploy at the click of a button.

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