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Are you a startup leveraging IoT technology and seeking global scale? Then join the 12-week RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP), tailor-made for startups seeking a high-touch experience. 

RIoT Accelerator Program is beyond an accelerator; it’s a gateway to an expansive network comprising over 90 companies across the IoT technology spectrum, offering opportunities for learning, collaboration, and market entry.

Designed to enhance diverse entrepreneurial processes, spanning research commercialisation, startup expansion, and corporate innovation initiatives, the program seeks entities motivated to tackle challenges through entrepreneurial partnerships or internal startup teams, stimulating a dynamic ecosystem where industry-driven problems can seed the accelerator.

From 2014 to 2017, RIoT helped 40 companies to collectively secure over $275 million in funding, generating more than 400 jobs in North Carolina. Recognising this success, the Economic Development Administration (EDA) granted RIoT an economic development grant in 2018 to formalise the accelerator program.


Unlock a variety of advantages through RIoT Accelerator Program:

  • Connect with Industry Partners and Customers: Develop meaningful connections within an extensive network of industry partners and potential customers
  • Leverage Engineering Prototyping Lab and Tools: Access state-of-the-art engineering prototyping facilities and cutting-edge tools to refine and develop your product
  • Access an IoT Ecosystem: Immerse yourself in a collaborative environment that includes government entities, academic institutions, and industry collaborators, enriching your journey with diverse perspectives.


RIoT has been a catalyst for numerous startups, even those deviating from the conventional IoT archetype. RAP welcomes innovative ideas from companies and entrepreneurs keen on leveraging the potential of the data economy.

Choose from three paths to enter the program:

  1. Early Stage Startup: Apply as a growing startup seeking to thrive in a nurturing environment
  2. Corporate Team: Apply as a corporate team looking to innovate, create new products, and network in a dynamic, non-corporate setting
  3. Industry-Driven Projects: RIoT assists in sourcing talent for sponsored innovation projects. Connect with us if you’re interested in seeding a project into RAP or joining a team as a technical or business applicant.

Across sectors, RAP, welcomes startups, entrepreneurs with fresh ideas, and companies eager to initiate projects independently. Successful applications showcase market demand, strategic timing, and early validation or traction.

Team Requirements

Teams should ideally consist of a minimum of 2 full-time members, with a single full-time participant being the minimum requirement. Full-time commitment throughout the 3-month program is mandatory, encompassing on-site workshop programming, mentorship, and dedicated work time.

How to Apply

Seize this opportunity to be a part of the RIoT Accelerator Program before the deadline on Friday, December 15, 2023. Let your vision become a reality with RAP, where innovation meets collaboration in the dynamic IoT sector.


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