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The 2023 Xiaomi IoT Ecological Partner Conference kicked off on November 16, 2023. Xiaomi has, during a discussion at the conference, indicated that Apple phones were a major player in its IoT smart ecosystem.

The new data showed that 45% of Apple users in the ecosystem owned more than five Xiaomi smart appliances. The data are telling as the Xiaomi IoT smart ecosystem has been rated as the world’s largest consumer-grade IoT platform. The number of connected devices on the Xiaomi IoT platform stands at over 655 million. There are more than 13 million users in the Xiaomi IoT smart ecosystem that have five or more connected devices. This means that users with five or more devices account for about 10% of the population of connected devices.

During the conference, Xiaomi officially announced the 2023 Xiaomi IoT Ecological Partner Open Plan. There are currently more than 9,000 IoT partners that connect products in more than 200 categories on the IoT smart ecosystem. The Chinese tech powerhouse expects the partners to continue to expand rapidly. Xiaomi’s flagship Mijia App has an average of 82.9 million active users monthly. On the other hand, the monthly average number of users of Xiaoai is estimated at over 110 million.

The optics remain bright for Xiaomi in the IoT smart ecosystem. It is expected that more Apple iPhones will enter the ecosystem as it continues to grow rapidly.


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