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The former, a provider of high-quality sonar tank monitoring sensors, with a portfolio chock-full of additional mobile and cloud-based services.

The latter, a satellite communications company that owns and operates a LEO satellite network, providing reliable connectivity for data transmission and asset-tracking (even in areas with unreliable cellular coverage). That last part is key here.

So, put these two innovators together, and you get the following news that dropped just earlier this morning:

Mopeka is expanding its suite of communication protocols (which already includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE networks), and it is doing so by integrating Globalstar’s satellite connectivity capabilities.

This is a win-win for a bunch of reasons, the most important being how Mopeka’s clientele will now have an even more reliable and cost-effective means of connecting to their sensors, regardless of location. This is big-time ideal for low-bandwidth IoT use cases, as Globalstar is supporting Mopeka in overcoming challenges posed by conventional cell towers. Now, its sonar tank monitoring solutions (which impact systems involving propane, butane, water, anhydrous and other liquid commodities) can not only get up and running in minutes for streamlined operations, but can also meet clients’ needs that go beyond the reach of traditional terrestrial networks.

“Our clients have come to expect the ability to connect their sensors from anywhere, to everywhere,” explained Kevin Jaffe, Mopeka’s COO. “It’s crucial, and their data and telemetry needs are only going to increase over time. Planning for that is vital, and that’s what underscores the significance of this new integration. Now more than ever, we’re equipped to offer robust connectivity through this engagement with Globalstar.”

Jaffe is spot-on here. “Satellite connectivity is the differentiator,” he added. “It gives our clients, no matter how remote, the ability to monitor and measure tank volume and utilization more thoroughly, and at a more reasonable cost.”

That win-win feeling from this integration is indeed felt by both parties; Jake Rembert, Vice President of Sales at Globalstar, commented on precisely that.

“Our technology combined with Mopeka solutions ensures exceptionally reliable global connectivity for their customers,” Rembert said. “We are quite pleased to help expand their capabilities.”

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