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AmiViz and Asimily Join Forces to Enhance IoT Security in the Middle East

In a significant stride for cybersecurity in the Middle East, AmiViz, the first B2B enterprise marketplace in the region, has announced a strategic alliance with Asimily, a frontrunner in IoT and IoMT risk management platforms. The collaboration is designed to amplify IoT Security, Industrial IoT Security, and Medical Device Security in the region, confronting the mounting cyber threats that businesses face.

Addressing the IoT Security Imperative

As the adoption of IoT across industries continues to rise, the need for robust IoT security solutions becomes increasingly crucial. Ilyas Mohammed, COO of AmiViz, emphasized this point. He highlighted that the partnership with Asimily is not just a strategic business decision, but a response to an urgent requirement in the marketplace.

Asimily’s Cutting-Edge Approach

Renowned for its advanced machine learning technology, Asimily provides comprehensive visibility into device behavior, enabling effective and efficient risk management. Asimily’s capabilities go beyond simply securing IoT devices. It inventories devices, monitors for anomalous behavior, alerts to potential risks, and ensures the safety of business-critical devices and data.

Expanding Reach and Impact

Wayne Hollinshead, EMEA Channel Director at Asimily, expressed optimism regarding the partnership. He noted that the alliance will allow Asimily to extend its reach to more customers in the Middle East with their state-of-the-art security solutions. Both AmiViz and Asimily are deeply committed to providing high-quality security solutions for IoT and IoMT devices, ensuring clients can manage their connected devices safely.

AmiViz stands out by providing a unique collaboration platform for enterprise resellers and vendors through mobile and web-based platforms. It offers a consumer-style e-commerce experience with a local market focus. With its partnership with Asimily, AmiViz is set to reinforce its commitment to cybersecurity in the Middle East, bringing sophisticated IoT Security solutions to an increasingly vital market for advanced digital technologies.


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