Abe Nasser, Head of Sales & Business Development, is based in San Francisco and has over 27 years of experience in media, telecom, entertainment, retail, technology and business development. 

With a software engineering background, he has founded international multi-million dollar businesses to make the world a better place.

Abe Nasser worked for high-profile technology companies such as Cisco, Intel, Google, Verizon, Lockheed Martin, Fastly, Lumen, and IBM among others, where he was responsible for software engineering, system development, systems integration and sales/training enablement for multi-billion dollar technology partner companies around the globe.

He is the author of Ten Thousands Prayers, and innovator of an array of fast growing AI enabled news & media platforms with 6 million monthly web hits and growing. 
Nasser is expert in developing AI enabled marketplaces and automating business workflows across industries using artificial intelligence for IT automation and custom business automation solutions. He has achieved over 20 badges and 100s of industry certifications from IBM, Google, Azure, AWS and Salesforce, mostly related to AI & Automation, in the past 1 1/2 years alone. Abe was on the 1.5% top IBM learners 2022/2023 and is followed by over a million social media members!

Mr. Michael Brookins AnyStreams’ Head of Global Solution Architect, has extensive expertise with hardware, network integration, IT management and maintenance, information security and IT consulting which will provide AnyStreams’ clients a valuable resource for their projects.

Mr. Brookins has over 30 years in the high-tech arena in the San Jose Silicon Valley Bay Area, operating in telecom, enterprise business and multiple start-up environments. Michael is an entrepreneurial, innovative, results-oriented information technology executive, with multifaceted expertise in solutions engineering, data management and business development within highly competitive markets.

During Michael’s career he has proved to be well-versed in spearheading projects from initiation to successful completion within stringent timeframes and budgetary constraints. He is proficient in fostering and fortifying strong relationships with customers. Michael has proven instrumental in conducting contract negotiations, cost-benefit analyses and assessment of existing operations together with implementing plans to improve productivity and operational efficiency.

Michael has designed and implemented global CDN, edge computing, Internet, network infrastructure, security, VPN, and voice -VoIP projects for: Cisco, Cloudflare, EA, FICO, Facebook (META), Genentech, Google, Intel, Lam Research, Lumen, Marvell, McAfee, Netflix, Peets, Verizon, Visa and numerous start-ups.

Michael is a meticulous, multi-faceted, goal-oriented professional offering extensive experience in executive management, solutions architecture and engineering, technical transformations, strategic business development, team leadership and sales solutions formulation.

Articulate business specialist equipped with aptitude for expediting overall business growth by implementing progressive strategies, mentoring and empowering technical teams, providing global-level sales support and transforming business infrastructure.

Farid Nasraty is a dynamic and hardworking IT professional with extensive experience in ensuring the availability, stability, integrity, safe and efficient operation of the information systems infrastructure that supports business continuity and core organization functions. Mr. Nasrati is a well-rounded individual with a proven track record of solving complex technical problems. His skills include being quick learner, highly motivated, detail oriented, and a team player. He is highly dependable and capable of adjusting to diverse settings.
As the Director of Network & Security at AnyStreams, he has been instrumental in developing and implementing the company’s network and security strategies.

He has been responsible for ensuring that the company’s network infrastructure is secure, reliable, and scalable. Farid has also been responsible for managing the company’s security operations center (SOC) and ensuring that the company’s security posture is always up-to-date with the latest threats.

Mr. Nasraty has led several successful projects at AnyStreams, including the implementation of a next-generation firewall, intrusion detection system (IDS), and security information and event management (SIEM) solution. He has also been responsible for developing and implementing security policies and procedures that are aligned with industry best practices.

Mr. Nasraty’s expertise in network and security has been invaluable to AnyStreams, helping the company to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing threat landscape. His leadership skills, technical knowledge, and ability to work well under pressure make him an asset to any organization.

Wade Popal, Director of Global Project Management
With a Masters in Business Administration as his foundation, he has cultivated extensive expertise in both sales and project management over the years.

His career has been marked by successful endeavors in project management, where he has consistently delivered projects on time and within budget, while also achieving outstanding sales results.

This unique blend of qualifications allows him to approach projects with a strategic mindset, ensuring their success from conception to execution.