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Prylada, a company that offers comprehensive IoT solutions for intelligent asset monitoring, has introduced a new product for wireless condition monitoring with advanced low-power capabilities.

The Prylada Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Platform (WASP) actively transfers data from industrial critical assets to a remote-control panel for analysis and visualization, utilizing the Sub-1 GHz channel for data transfer.

According to Dzmitry Tsybulka, Chairman of Prylada, “The new sensor platform is expected to change the way industrial asset monitoring is organized in general. The main advantage of the platform is that it lets almost any sensor work truly wirelessly. In turn, wireless data collection from your critical assets will greatly simplify the monitoring process, reduce the number of cables in your facilities, and ensure real-time alarm management in case of emergency.”

The platform can equally serve as a stand-alone solution or integrate seamlessly into the Prylada ecosystem. Within the Prylada ecosystem, the platform works in the following way: 

  1. The Prylada WASP connects to your critical assets and reads data from them.
  2. The platform wirelessly transfers the read data to a gateway for aggregation and primary processing.
  3. The gateway then sends the received data to a cloud-based or on-premises server.
  4. All the collected data is visualized on customized web or mobile app dashboards.

One of the key features of the Prylada WASP is its equipped energy harvesting capabilities. This feature is particularly useful in production facilities as it allows the platform to consume very little power and work from various ambient energy sources, such as vibration, solar energy, or electromagnetic waves.

Manufacturers use remote condition monitoring to detect and eliminate potential problems with their industrial equipment ahead of time. The absence of a proper monitoring system forces manufacturers to spend time on routine maintenance, which can be redundant and lead to additional costs.

To achieve permanent condition monitoring in production facilities, sensors and other devices included in the monitoring network must operate constantly. In such circumstances, energy-saving practices play a vital role in reducing total production and maintenance costs.

The energy harvesting feature of the Prylada WASP enables it to maximize its battery lifetime and ensure uninterrupted monitoring with low power consumption.

Prylada presented the WASP for the first time during Hannover Messe 2023. To demonstrate the energy harvesting feature of the platform, the Prylada team connected the platform to a mini music speaker.

The vibration generated by the speaker powered the platform, eliminating the need for a battery to operate the device. You can watch a video of this demo by following this link.

Key Specifications

Supported protocols (currently only Wi-SUN)
  • IEEE 802.15.4g
  • IPv6-enabled smart objects (6LoWPAN) 
  • MIOTY®
  • Wireless M-Bus
  • Wi-SUN®
  • KNX RF
  • Amazon Sidewalk
  • SimpleLink™TI 15.4 stack
Core 48-MHz Arm® Cortex® -M4F
Piggyback interface
  • 4 analog/digital IOs
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • The Piggyback module’s 3.3V power supply is controlled by the MCU
  • IDC harvesting input

Intended for connection of Solar cells, TEGs, and other DC energy sources with the maximum output voltage of 3.3V@100mA. 

The minimal operating voltage is 0.1V.

  • AC harvesting input

Intended for connection of Vibro-, piezo-electromagnetic, and other AC transducers with a maximum output voltage of 3.3V@100mA. 

The minimal operating voltage is 0.1V.

  • External power supply 

Intended to power the Prylada WASP from an external supply of 6-28V.

  • Back-up battery 

Intended for connection to the internal CR2032 battery that serves as a cold startup energy source in case of insufficient voltage at DC/AC harvesting inputs and disconnected or switched off external power supply. 

Possible work scenarios
  • The platform can work as a conventional sensor being powered from some constant power source connected to the external power supply input.
  • The platform can work from any power source connected to the DC or AC harvesting inputs. This scenario has two branches:
  • The first is when the energy source is weak and it takes time to gather energy, charge the main storage (supercapacitor or battery) to the level sufficient to power up the MCU, let it switch on sensors, establish a network connection, gather data from sensors and send it to some gateway. After that, the CPU should switch to the deep sleep mode or be switched off until the PMU gathers another portion of energy. 
  • The second scenario is when the platform is powered from a semi-constant energy source and the PMU uses the main battery in a UPS-like way, discharging it while the main power source is off to stay online as long as possible.

For additional information about the Prylada WASP or other products of this provider, please visit the product page or contact:

Viktor Belanovich, Sales Representative at Prylada

[email protected]

+48 515 913 357

About Prylada

Prylada is an IoT-based solution that enables you to integrate all existing assets of your physical infrastructure into a single controlled system. This system can run autonomously and centralize data from the assets.

With a full and accurate picture of all ongoing processes, you can quickly gauge the status of your critical assets, detect and eliminate production bottlenecks, and efficiently utilize all the organization’s resources. Prylada helps you turn the collected data into high-value information to empower your business. For more information, please visit Prylada’s website.


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