The overall value of AnyStreams experience is productivity gains for customers who want to focus on rapid innovation and digital transformation in any cloud including multi-cloud, edge-cloud, hybrid-cloud or private-cloud.

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Connect the right data to the right people at the right time

Data platforms help improve productivity and reduce complexity. Our offering can build a data canvas connecting siloed data distributed across all your cloud  landscape. 

Our services and solutions offer wide selection of open-sources and third-party services spanning the entire data lifecycle. Deployment options on any cloud environment fully managed.


Digital transformation is one of the biggest challenges companies must deal with today. It is happening across all industries, wheter it is banking, healthcare, retail, etc. Businesses are trying to integrate digital technology into all area of their businesses while delivering the best value to the client.

This expected transformation is also generating requirements at an unprecedented pace for their development teams. Development teams are looking to embrace newer application platforms that allow them to develop and experiment new digital experiences quickly and at low cost.
Let our experienced team plan your end-to-end application modernization journey that best addresses your needs.

Edge Wolke

AnyStreams Edge Wolke, an IoT Cloud platform, provides convenient solution templates to reduce time-to-market for your IoT products in order to become apart of the smart city echo system. The template includes interactive dashboards, processing logic, sample devices, users and all other required entities. You can treat the template as a complete PoC/MVP.

Edge Wolke supports high-availability deployments on cloud and on-premises data centers using K8S or bare-metal deployments. The platform components are horizontally scalable. Edge Wolke has production deployments supporting more then 500 000 devices connected.

AnyStreams Edge Wolke IoT data management helps organizations understand how environmental conditions and user behavior can affect the performance of their products. IoT sensors can also be used to measure product performance metrics. The data collected by these sensors can be used to improve future versions of products managed on Edge Wolke.

Real Estate

AnyStreams Real Estate Marketplace Suite helps transform businesses with an advanced Automated & AI Enabled digital platform that provides centralized, real-time visibility into, and management of, listings, requests, and marketing across the network. The solution augments existing systems to meet the demands of connected propspects.

AnyStreams Real Estate Marketplace Suite (ARMS) is an open platform, offered as a cloud, hybrid cloud solution models to enable flexible integration and accelerate clients’ digital transformation and close more deals.