Multi-cloud & AI Enabled IoT Platform

AnyStreams is an open IoT platform that enables data collection, processing, visualization, and device management. It supports both cloud and on-premises deployments and allows device connectivity via industry-standard IoT protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP. The open-source platform that AnyStreams is built on, combines scalability, fault-tolerance, and performance to ensure that your data is never lost.

Any IoT journey starts with AI & automation strategy with sustainability in mind. Let AnyStreams experience transform your IoT idea or business with your specific needs & requirements including data collection, data processing, data visualization, and device/asset management with transparent & trustworthy AI & automation regardless of what industry you are.

Provision, monitor, and control your IoT entities in a secure way using rich server-side APIs. You can define relations between your devices, assets, customers, or any other entities.

Collect and store telemetry data in scalable and fault-tolerant way. Visualize your data with built-in or custom widgets and flexible dashboards that can be easily shared with your customers.

Define data processing rule chains. Transform and normalize your device data. Raise alarms on incoming telemetry events, attribute updates, device inactivity and user actions. Construct your cluster and get maximum scalability and fault-tolerance with microservices architecture. The platform supports both cloud and on-premises deployments.

AnyStreams provides an array of solutions to resolve some of the major challenges in the industries. With tens of customizable widgets, the platform allows you to build end-user custom dashboards for most IoT use-cases.

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AnyStreams’ IoT Platform allows you to create rich IoT dashboards for data visualization and remote device control in real-time.

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